Our main product is a set of modules or components that are used in conjunction with Umbraco to facilitate development within Umbraco. As well as using this ourselves, we licence it to 3rd party development agencies on an annual licence basis. It aids rapid development within Umbraco and enables us to offer part purchase and part leasing on websites to help our customers spread the cost.

We use a combination of Umbraco and Microsoft products to develop our websites. We have over 20 years experience with using Microsoft products and again this experience helps us develop robust products that are scalable and also easily maintained due to the structured and proven environment we use to develop in.

With the web becoming a commerce platform for many organisations and also a single working environment that people can connect to from work or out on the road. The growth of applications on the web, that are related to E-commerce has been rapid. CRM is just one of these areas and it ties in well with E-commerce so clients can get a dynamic real time view of marketing campaigns. Indeed, with surveys also becoming part of websites, marketing research can also use this medium.

Here at Arden Verity we can help you get more from this exciting medium. Call for our demo.