Microsoft Products

We have over 20 years experience administering, developing and deploying solutions utilising microsoft technologies. Umbraco has a close relationship with Microsoft and many parts are based on Microsoft components, hence the two go together extremely well to develop on the web.

Microsoft Visual Studio

Visual Studio

Our main development language is Microsoft Visual studio and we have consistently deployed solutions with it for a number of years. With millions of development companies around the world using the same technology, you can rest assured of support for the future.


 Microsoft SQL Server

Ms Sql Server

We mainly use the Express edition of SQL Server and have been using it for database support for many years. For higher end applications a full version can be used, but we would advise where this was thought neccessary. Again, the database is used throughout the world, so support is assurred for the future.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM


Where clients already use this system, we can take data  from the CRM to display or use on your website. We can also send data to the CRM, should it be required.