Small Company Services

As an enhancement to our leasing option, we offer a small companies service, especially for companies that are just starting out.

The service lets you have virtual office services and a website for a small monthly charge with a one month notice period, helping you control your costs.

A web site can be a major investment. As a small or new company keeping start up costs to a minimum is critical to the financial health of your company. We help you spread the cost of running your website and having your calls answered over a period of time, rather than facing large costs. 

Using one of the most popular content management systems helps us provide you with a solid foundation for your website for many years to come. We can help you to get a prominent position on search engines, leading to increased awareness of your products and services. SEO is a whole industry by itself and we can guide you and also provide useful links such as this link building tip.


When your ready, we can add additional functionality to your site to increase interaction with your customers. We can also help you gain control over your business with our workflows, all run from your website, without the need to employ expensive virtual private networks.

Call us on 07939 116653 to discuss the options.