Does your site drive the different user types to the content thart you want them to view and interact with ?

You may wish to believe it does, but it can be surprising how users navigate through a website. To understand this better we employ a strategy of usability testing combined with using analytics from your site to determine what is exactly going on.

Does your site cater for the different levels of users in an effective manner ?

Again, usability is key to understanding the frustrations users may have when using your site.

Remember, if customers find your site inappropriate for their needs, they could be visiting your competitors sites.

We work with you to create a professional layout to your site that’s both pleasing to the eye and east to navigate.  After carrying out extensive usability testing on a number of sites over many years we can help guide you on the layout so that your site is intuitive for your users to use. The number of primary colours you use and how much or little they are used in various areas of the site are also another consideration when planning this area.